National Poetry Month- poem 2

I have found what you are like

 a favorite book,    pages curled                from reading

Once crisp, hinting at adventure

twists  that  weren't  yet  turns
love u n f o r m e d and building
prose forged by perception

I have found what you are like

a hair out of place--
   softly curled and reaching downward
tucked behind ear--waiting
slowly sneaking out to snatch every word

I find what you liked

as I wash crumbs from chipped green bowls
hints of rosemary biting the suds 

1 comment:

  1. nice...love the allusions...esp the book as i love to read and dog ear pages...even scribble in the margins...a hair out of place...smiles...and the rosemary biting the suds...very cool...