There's love where we started.

In the soil, flowers and pine needles.
Where only the future whispered, "Come forward."
Before the dusk would fall.

Where bike rides turned to triumphant races.
New friends meant sisters for life.
Where music was simply music. And we smiled because we
wanted to.

We sit now. Rocking forward. back. forward.
Wood creaking beneath the weight of history.
Where only the past whispers, "Come back."
And all I wish is that someone would again take my hand.


  1. And we smiled because we
    wanted to...exactly...this is the line that carries all the weight for me here... great poem...loved it from first to last line...

  2. smiles...there are points i would not mind experiencing again...and you know at that point in life it is good to remember those times....great piece...

  3. Awesome- you capture that longing for childhood again that as an adult we will never get back to (not truly anyway) and this Sentiment alone I always find beautfully sad- very good poem indeed

  4. This is so lovely...I specially like last lines, of the chair saying Come Back ~ How I wish we could ~

  5. Love it! Pulled me in right from your opening. Beautiful and sad--well done.