National Poetry Month day 21: Mother's Duty

She wakes before the sun
before the wind
when there is stillness
wondering what her child will face at dawn

She knows Nature's secret,
as it quakes and chills and robs
the life of those who deem themselves civilized

Mother Nature prays to a God not known
wailing pleads into her tumultuous storm
as fever breaks and a rash upon Earth's back
Mother Nature wonders what cause to scorn

Who can blame a mother in distress,
Aching for her child to find rest?


  1. i love that mother nature is praying to an unkown god for her child...i could assume the child earth and what we have done to it...or the feel of any mother toward their child....nice capture...

  2. nice..i love that she's awake so early, caring for her child..yep maybe what we, who do think of us as so civilized do to the earth..love the fever breaking as well...reminds me of a volcano eruption..will change the link for you over at dVerse..

  3. Poor Mother Nature - attacked from natural forced and manmade -- she does well to worry - a nice interplay here between human mother and world/myth. K.

  4. I like how you humanize mother nature ~

    Your piece speaks to me ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  5. Yes, I thought at first this as about a human mother too, and found it very effective when you transitioned over to Nature. Very wonderful write, reminding us how much we must care that our responsibility to other generations must be paramount in our hierarchies of obligations. Excellent.

  6. the personification of mother: worries ever to the fore.

  7. Beautifully done! I love how you capture Mother Nature's essence as "one of us" looking after her child.