The Spider's Blanket (Sunday Photo Challenge)

Spiders have not forgotten
what once use to be

Dreams we once swaddled like babies
dolls we tossed in that late August air

We forget
as if yesterday can't hold promises for tomorrow
the nightmare was only in imagination

Lonliness is imagination

You've forgotten Mother called on that phone
to remind you to use imagination
when Life's no less than hell

So the spiders made a blanket
sing a lullaby

hum your tune



  1. Yes!! The presence of the spider...comforting...full of wisdom...Love when I see spiders in their true element and not just as "creepy nuisances"...Spiders show up in a number of my poems...reading this, I feel connected with you. Simple as that. Awesome (in the true meaning of the word!) response to the picture...actually kind of wish I wrote this ;D

  2. nice..love the inclusion and the wrap around to the spider, the making of a blanket, that is a gentle touch...and a nice bit to chew on in the middle...

  3. "Spiders have not forgotten...", love this, and how they "made a blanket", and love the "Dreams we once swaddled like babies"...a thoughtful piece.

  4. This work reaches a great depth in considering the perception of loneliness. Enjoyed your poem very much.

  5. Potent pull of longing held within the web, cradled almost. Beautifully penned.

  6. loneliness is imagination...my mantra.one should never be bored.

  7. It seems the spider is the caretaker of our memories which comfort him and yet us who have forgotten are lonely without them ...well written thank you

  8. Don't weave that web without spinning your tale lol great poem

  9. Simply gorgeous! I enjoyed this very much.

  10. We astound ourselves often. This should be no exception for you.

  11. Wow! It's still a feeling time for me, and my words are still getting stuck. I wish I could just send flashes of images and the feelings in my head to you, so you could understand!

  12. Thank you all! Your kindness overwhelms me :)