National Poetry Month day 15

Every morning they ride
letting their souls hum to the rhythm of 
bus wheels hitting pavement and potholes

It pauses
in perfect syncopation to the beat of the city and flow from the street
People stomp on and throw change down
sit down
look down
waiting for the pause when they rejoin the flow 

She smiles
wishing she could join them
wishing they'd see her
she blends in to the gray 
her hums matching the bus wheels
knowing that the half nods and half glances
say thank you 


  1. the end left me with a smile...i love all form of mass transit..this is maybe a bit of a modernized take on the wheels on the bus..haha..love it...

  2. oh nice...so charming....the things we overlook so easily...thanks for giving her a voice and...i will say hello when i see her next time...lovely..

  3. Nicely done. I love the consistency of the musical qualities here. Rhythm, syncopation, hums. Great job. Thanks

  4. I love the mystery of poems that hint at things missing. I really enjoyed this, especially its rhythm and the optimistic tone that pervades what is often thought of as an alienating experience.

  5. The end felt both sad but also optimistic- wanting to be noticed in the midst of the ocean of people- the half glances feeling like something rather than nothing - a different emotion here- it was nice to feel it