Late Summer Micropoetry Collection: Silence, Splinters and other Privileges

Tables/ waiting/ / always crumbs/ never substance

Scales/ tipping the balance/ we dance

In heaps/ or mounds/ she searches// clean socks

Triangular anger/ hexagonal rage/ prisms of madness/ circles of shame

My flip-flops/ clap/ when I walk/ away

Weaving/ light/ amongst the rain drops

Piercing/ my ears/ each word you/ mutter is/ needles

My heart/ fresh bait/ thrown out to/ feel/ the bite

And the birds/ fly silently/ at night// escaping on the whisper/ of wind

Scratching/ jagged letters/ in splintered wood// creating/ love

I am not the first/ living life silently/ that I may/live

Muffling | silence | glass spasms | | words even seem | broken

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