Micropoetry (Spring and Early Summer)

Night/ shifts into morning/ I shift in my bed/ night/ mirror

Elbows bend/ cracking/ the impact of weight against/ ground/ I push myself back up

Such beauty in sadness. My soul is stilled in the night. A melancholy bliss.

Dusty sunset drifts over the mountains

Shy away from sunlight/ scoot from dark's night edge/ dusk/ dawn/ waiting

Sifting sunlight through woven fabric/ weaving wind/ into my hair/ an idea stirs in daylight

Shadows hiccup/ drinking sunlight/ from the clouds

Morning/ sifting through blinds/ caressing distant minds/ as they tumble back/ from secret dreams

Scars/ scatter/ across my body/ detailing/ my sorrow

The sunset/ bored/ with earth's details/ instead tie-dyes/ surprising the stars

Don't let there be silence/ for in silence/ there is war

Yellow ribbons/ fraying/ waving to each who pass/ hugging the tree/ feeling distant blasts

Soggy ceilings/ sinking floors/ reversible

Evolutionists/ of mediocrity/ we/ carry on/ a yesterday

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