You/my friend/are the tragedy of unread prose

My sanctuary/ occupied / I / weep gently/ bruised

Truth/ comparable to/ a deep surpressed cough/ that silver strand in your hair

Truth/ comparable to/ socks beneath beds/ toys with dead batteries

Admist cheers and triumph/ there is a shadow/ peace often is a wallflower// timid/ but radiating power 

Your laugh/ comparable to empty pages/ your tears/ the ink that forever stains them

I drank from the well of earth's sorrow/ wept in a garden of tombs

Swaying tree dances with souls broken open from mother nature's womb

Tension// builds// I cry a little//Looking back/ life is /anticlimactic

Searched//dug holes/wept bitterly/made wishing wells//found what was lost

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  1. your laugh and empty pages...nice. i like these...

    saw your tweet on #oneshotwednesday...one shot opens tuesdays at 5 pm ESt and runs until 5 am EST thursday at www.onestoppoetry.com you can link in a poem and visit other poets as well. thanks for the question.