Kelly's Spicy Vegan Mac n Cheese

1 bag of Leahey Garden's Mac n Cheese
2 slices of veggie cheese (or shredded veggie cheese)
Veggie meat of your choice (I used breakfast links)
3 large spoonfuls of Earth Balance
Red pepper flakes
Cayenne pepper
garlic seasoning
onion seasoning

Follow the directions to cook the noodles but boil it with some red pepper flakes to soak the flavor into the noodles.

In a small sauce pan, get one cup of water (or unsweetened original milk alternative such as soy or almond milk) and mix in cheese packet from bag. Then add Cayenne pepper, salt, Earth Balance and garlic and onion. I also put some Earth Balance into the drained noodles so they did not stick together.

In the pan with the drained noodles, add crumbled veggie meat and veggie cheese. Pour the hot cheese sauce over the noodles and mix all together!

(Sorry this is my first time writing a recipe but just play with seasonings to get your desired taste)

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