The roses

Hallow feelings filled up with shallow happiness

tears that fall from eyes burned open from hell
fingertips that can only curl up into a fist as people dance as people laugh
as people live

The roses are drying

Words forced out stop short of being believable
the dampness of the earth chills deeper than what's conceivable
my sanity has been lost and I doubt it's retrievable


The roses are drying

Dull pain pinches my every move yet I still keep trying
with every pinch each action brings me closer to dying

Forced into a vase the roses sit for all eternity
The sentence that was said to just leads to ambiguity

The roses are dried out
and crumble at each touch

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  1. that was simultaneously fantastically beautiful and awfully depressing. I love you.

    I was going to copy and paste my favorite part and then kept finding new favorites. I would end up copy and pasting the whole poem.