Embrace (with original pic)

The warm mist stays awhile
and hugs my skin like the time I wore jeans in a rainstorm
The hint of the existence of sunlight  is barely making it through the silence of my world
Like a dream I carry on living hoping that it will one day have meaning
the same meaning yours does
the same power of your words
the same presence of your absence

I embrace this wall of thick wetness and shudder at the wind
each foot making a muddy print in the world
as the mud entertains the thought of my presence on the earth
before letting the rain wash it away
and the mist hide my shame

I run to music like it's a window
I could jump out of and land on a note that's soaring away from all that's here
I run from once was as I forge into what I will become
I run away from the closed.thick.thorns.
That prick my skin and I try to walk that wretched maze

I run to the open field where I can breathe
and look at the world around me
I try to open my eyes and look at the world around me----alone
Then I feel like someone's hugging me
and embrace the warm mist as if I've never embraced before

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  1. Kelly, this is freaking awesome! I read it out loud. And I liked it. A freaking lot.