The Book of Answers

I wish there was a book of answers. Cause apparently we humans don't have a clue about life.
Right is right. Wrong is wrong.
Or is it somethings are better and some things are worse?
Love is right. Hate is wrong
Loving is better. Hating is worse.

We put people on stages and throw tomatoes at their sins.
We obsess over someone's faults. Their errors. But what do we do to fix them?
Throw stones at them. Stab them with our words?
again. and again......and....again.....

There's an outcry when Tiger Woods is forced to apologize to a public audience he didn't cheat on.
There's an outcry when someone doesn't think the way we do. Or live the way we do.
I see nothing but stones flying in the air.
And what do I do to stop them?
Do I stand in front of them letting each stone hit me?
Do I reason with them?

Jesus is the answer
And people wonder why the equation of life doesn't work when they take him out the picture.
Jesus is the answer
And churches worship tradition more

I have yet to see a human successfully remove a speck from someone's eye

We have our book of answers.
Written with other's blood,
made with human thoughts and error.
Disregarding simple truth,
forgetting love.

We have our book of answers

That's why the world's messed up

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