Where I'm from

Where I'm from, your passion is everything, but without strength, it's nothing

I am from music like classical symphonies, melodic harmonies, soulful remedies, and that certain beat that pulses through your body.

I am from places that build character and let the world be my teacher-showing me what not to do and how not to do it.
I am from people who taught me true happiness and bitter sorrow; How to be content without a single dime and, how to seek knowledge through perseverance.

I find joy in poetry, music, and movement.
I find joy in truth.

I am from streets like "Boulevard of broken dreams." "The road to destruction." and "The road less traveled on".

I am from problems like "Ignorance, misunderstandings, death, and secrets."
Problems always on the down low

I'm described as "Too quiet or too loud, rebel from my own, crazy from the heart and the woman who flies alone."

I believe in knowledge and love, I believe that I can make a difference. 

I have lived out the saying "The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

And now that I’ve fallen, I hope that I can roll away and not make the same mistakes the generation before us made.

I am true to myself and true to my blood—though blood runs sparse within me.

I am as REAL as my beliefs and as STRONG as them too.

So, now I would like to introduce to you---- the one and only ME...

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