As I was sitting on the dock at NSC I looked over the lake and felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. I smiled. I was happy. As  I peered into the endless sky, I saw a single cloud drifting aimlessly.

It came closer and closer until it actually came down to me on the dock. It was large enough to stand on. As soon as I did, the soft billows gently lifted me into the air. I could see the lake more clearly now and I watched the green trees dance past me. Higher and higher I went until I was grazing other clouds. I lay down on the cloud and peered down at the world. The warmth of the sun baked my back.

Pretty soon I was seeing each continent. There was Australia....I miss it so much....and America suddenly didn't seem so big.

Stars started to dance past me and I plucked one out of the sky. It glowed and tingled in my hand. As I played with the star I barely noticed the cloud bringing me to my destination. A small looking planet.

As I landed in it's lush fields, I noticed a small path. I walked along touching the tall grass and feeling the warmth of a different sun.  Pretty soon a vast ocean came into view. the roar of it was nothing compared to the silent whispers of joy I felt tickling my ears. Up ahead I noticed a tree giving shade to someone sitting under it. At first I was scared...who could it be? But I realized the warmth of the sun wasn't coming from the sun. It was coming from the son.

Jesus? I whispered as I crept near the tree. He turned around and smiled. He wasn't black or white or Hispanic....he was just pure and radiant. And when I hugged him, I felt happier than I'd ever felt in my entire life.

"I'm so sorry---" I started as I realized how sinful I am. But suddenly, it didn't matter. Just staring at him made me whole. I was happy.

"But Jesus---What should I do about---?" I began
"Wait." He said. "Kelly I love you, what should you be worried about?"

We walked along a path....not even talking. I was just the creation enjoying my creator. We reached a fork in the road and he looked at me.

I'll never forget how it feels to hug my savior, the perfect lamb. As I walked back down the path I couldn't help but smile.

As the cloud drifted back down to earth, all the stars seemed like angels. Where I may land on this earth means nothing.

Jesus, I am happy


  1. This is awesome Kelly! Praise God!

  2. Kel, that's so awesome! What an amazing experience . . . it gives me chills just reading it because I felt the same thing last night!

  3. This was a good idea putting it down in words. :) I like it.