Hot needles pierced through a body
The blood came to her face
A pit deepened in her stomach.
Her heart seemed out of place
The shock was expected,
As if it was bound to happen.
(It just came too soon)
Distress hung forlorn and
As lonely as the
The silence seemed to scream profanities
The words unsaid were too easy to hear.
Terminology she had come to fear
Words like “cancer” and “dead”
She was now told to have a good day
(As if that were possible)
Her      heart      seemed far
Alone in a sea of people
And the only thing there to stop her from
losing herself
Was beige walls
In the bathroom stall
As she waited hopelessly
Wishing that someone would call
But…No one did
Overwhelmed was an understatement.
No words can describe that moment, or take away the pain
There are no words
Since all storms seem to have calm before the rain,
She was desperately searching for hers
Floods were washing over here,
While she looked for a sign
Instead she was left gasping for air and sanity
Furious rain seemed to penetrate the air, Defying gravity
They fell from two brown and empty holes.
From mine!
 My heart
The pulse was quickening at an alarming rate
My body trembled
Trying to rid itself of whatever was holding me down.
My soul
Was already gone


  1. I almost cried reading this. This may be you--but most of it is me (always a beautiful and difficult thing to recognize. I suppose that's why we love poetry.)

  2. Most of my poetry is sad. but it's a kind of release.